Is Curacao Safe for Travel in 2024?

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Curaçao is a constituent county of the Kingdom of Netherlands and it is located in the Caribbean Sea.

If you want to enjoy the sunny days, go scuba diving and swim all you like, Curaçao is the place to go.

Don’t miss to go to Shete Boka National Park where you’ll see the sea turtles as they lay their eggs – it is certainly an experience you’ll never forget.

The architecture is amazing and with galleries, restaurants, and museums, there is plenty of things to do.

You simply cannot go to Curaçao and don’t cross the famous Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge, it is the landmark of the island.

Warnings & Dangers in Curacao

Overall Risk


Curaçao is pretty safe, but the tourists are advised to stay alert during the entire stay. Violent crimes are not frequent here, but petty theft is possible. When going to the beach, make sure you don't leave your things unattended.

Transport & Taxis Risk


The public service is pretty much limited in Curaçao since there are only buses and the local taxies. Make sure you keep your belongings close to you and in case you rent a car, don't leave your things in the car.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing risk is medium just like in every other tourist place. Don't let your guard down and keep an eye on your bag at all times. Consider investing in a belt where you can hide your money and stay alert in crowds.

Natural Disasters Risk


Curaçao is susceptible to heavy rainfall and consequently breaching of the dams and floods. There is also the risk of thunderstorms and tropical storms. Make sure you stay informed during your vacation and in case something like this happens, follow the protocol.

Mugging Risk


There are no reported cases of mugging since the crime rate is generally low. However, purse snatching is possible, so stay alert during your entire vacation. In case you find yourself in a situation like this, cooperate so you don't make it worse.

Terrorism Risk


There is a low risk of terrorist attacks in Curaçao. However, even though there is no history of recent attacks, staying alert is advised. In case you notice anything suspicious, make sure you follow the recommended protocol issued by the government.

Scams Risk


One common scam refers to the "damage" on the rented car. The tourists get an enormous bill for the things that were previously on the car. The best thing you can do is to take a picture of the vehicle before you go and then show it as proof.

Women Travelers Risk


Women shouldn't have issues while in Curaçao, but it is necessary to be very careful during the vacation - don't accept drinks from strangers, avoid walking alone at night, especially in the remote areas and keep your expensive things locked away.

How Safe Is Curacao for Tourists?

Tourists usually don’t have any issues during their stay in Curaçao.

However, being careful is recommended.

Tourist areas are mostly safe, but the remote areas of the island should be avoided because of the drug-related incidents that may occur.

These incidents are not directed towards tourists, so there shouldn’t be a great concern but be alert just in case.

If you rent a car, make sure you don’t leave your valuable things in it while you go sightseeing because there is a great chance that you won’t find it when you come back.

Lock the car and be careful about the companies you rent it from.

Look for the recommendations because there are some cases of scams when the tourist is required to pay for some damage not even made by him.

Always stay alert and protect yourself from possibly dangerous situations.

Pickpocketing is possible, so it is recommended to leave the valuable things at home or in a hotel’s safety deposit box.

Cameras and smartphones are usually the targets of the thieves, so keep them close to you.

Don’t flash your money around and keep your wallet in the front pocket.

After taking these basic precautions, there should not be any issues.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Curacao?

Citizens of Canada, the USA, EU countries, Britain and Australia do not require a visa to enter Curaçao.

The only requirements are a valid passport (at least six months) and a returning ticket.

Which Currency Is Used in Curacao?

The official currency in Curaçao is the Netherlands Antillean guilder.

The symbol is ƒ.

One U.S. dollar equals 1,69 Netherlands Antillean Guilder.

American dollars are accepted throughout the island as well.

How's the Weather like in Curacao?

The climate in Curaçao is tropical, so it is nice and hot all year round.

The average temperature goes around 30°C.

The occasional wind makes the weather even more pleasant.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Curacao?

There is only one international airport in Curaçao- Curaçao International Airport.

It is located 12km away from Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao.

It handles almost half a million passengers a year.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

Buying travel insurance is highly recommended no matter how long you plan to stay.

Take the basic coverage that includes the coverage for loss of luggage, cancelation of the vacation and medical expenses.

What Are Some Things to Do in Curacao?

When you go to Curaçao, you must go underwater – scuba diving is pretty popular here.

You’ll see the stingrays, corals, dolphins and all kinds of beautiful creatures that the sea hides.

Is the Water in Curacao Safe to Drink?

Tap water is very safe for drinking.

It satisfies all the quality standards and tourists shouldn’ have to worry about it.

If you have a sensitive stomach, you can buy bottled water to be sure.

Is Uber Safe in Curacao?

There is no Uber service in Curaçao, but there are local buses, taxies and the option to rent a car.

Make sure you arrange for a price in advance because the taxies are usually unmetered.

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