Is Belize Safe for Travel in 2024?

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Belize : Safety by City

Belize is located in Central America, on its northeastern part.

It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Besides the clear sea, beautiful beaches and nice weather, tourists can see Mayan ruins or go to the Actun Tunichil Muknal sacred cave which is frequently described in many documentaries and still attracts a lot of attention with its mysterious beauty.

Belize Barrier Reef is a paradise for divers and snorkeling tours.

The food in Belize is tasty and there are so many cocktails to be tried.

Coconuts are everywhere.

It is one amazing country with a breathtaking nature worth exploring.

Warnings & Dangers in Belize

Overall Risk


Generally, Belize is safe for tourists. It is a wonderful place where you will be able to rest and enjoy the nice weather. However, keep an eye on your personal belongings and count your money twice every time you pay for something.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transport is not very safe in Belize since roads are not in very well condition. Even though there are buses every half an hour by the schedule, they are not on time and be prepared to wait. Take only registered taxies.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing occurs in crowded areas such as bus stations. Thefts in hotel rooms are also possible. This is why you need to be careful about the valuable items you have. Don't show off them in public and pay close attention to your money and passport.

Natural Disasters Risk


Belize is susceptible to hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Hurricanes are more likely to occur in the May - November period. Be aware that tropical storms which start small can turn into hurricanes, so precaution is advised. Follow all the safety procedures.

Mugging Risk


In order to protect yourself from being mugged, avoid going alone by bus at night, don't leave your belongings on the beach while you go swimming and don't go outside tourist areas. Some parts of Belize are ruled by local gangs.

Terrorism Risk


The risk of terrorist attacks in Belize is really low. There has been only one attack in the past five years. Tourists can be at ease while on vacation. However, make sure to follow the security protocol in case anything potentially dangerous happens.

Scams Risk


Scam risk is high in Belize. Be careful about prices when buying things or paying for services, the sellers will try to take more money from you by switching prices and currencies between Belize and U.S. dollar, so make sure you agree on the price before you take anything.

Women Travelers Risk


Belize is safe for female travelers if some basic precautions are taken. Men can be a little too aggressive in their attempt to meet women, so if you don't want such attention, politely decline. Make sure you don't wander alone at night.

How Safe Is Belize for Tourists?

There are certain things you must pay attention to in order to stay safe in Belize.

If someone offers you to buy drugs, you can be sure that it is a scam.

Police officers appear, arrest the tourist, asking for money for a fine which is in fact bribe.

Find a way out of it.

Also, make sure you only go to tours with trusted guides, because there are a lot of people who will offer a free tour and then ask you for money when the tour ends.

Some taxi drivers try to scam the tourists by not using the meter and asking a lot of money at the end of the drive or they will say a price without the currency, so the client thinks it’s in Belize dollars, only to switch it to U.S. dollars.

These are common scams and it is necessary to be careful before the drive – ask about the price, currency and agree on the price so there is no room for manipulation.

This kind of scam can happen also when buying products, so make sure you stay alert.

If you follow general advice for safety and stay alert at all times, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Belize?

Most citizens don’t need a visa for a vacation in Belize when the period is less than 30 days but is necessary to check your visa status before making arrangements.

Passport must be valid at least 6 months after the visit to Belize.

Which Currency Is Used in Belize?

The official currency in Belize is Belize dollar.

The symbol is $.

One U.S. dollar equals 2,01 Belize Dollars.

U.S. dollars are widely used on the island and locals give the exact exchange rate everywhere.

How's the Weather like in Belize?

Belize has a tropical climate.

The rainy season begins in June and ends in October.

The average temperature is 27 °C.

The period with lower temperature lasts from November and ends in February with an average temperature of 23°C.

In the hottest days, it goes around 30°C.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Belize?

The main airport in Belize is The Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport.

This airport is located 16km away from Belize City.

It serves more than 850,000 passengers a year which is around 2,400 per day.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

Travel insurance is something that every tourist needs no matter how short your stay will be.

In case there is a medical emergency having coverage for medical expenses will save you a lot of trouble.

What Are Some Things to Do in Belize?

Belize is beautiful and besides going to the beach, swimming and diving, learn from the locals – drink coconuts and do nothing.

Relax and rest.

Whey you wish to explore, visit the most sacred cave.

Is the Water in Belize Safe to Drink?

Tap water is safe in some parts of Belize, but it is safer for tourists to use bottled water that hotels have readily available.

There is also an option of buying purified or spring water.

Is Uber Safe in Belize?

There is no Uber in Belize, but there are local taxies you can use.

On many occasions, you won’t need a ride, since pretty much everything is close so you can walk.

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