Is Albania Safe for Travel in 2024?

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Albania : Safety by City

Lately, Albania has become more popular for tourists and tourism development has a very steady pace.

With so many beautiful landscapes, clean beaches, stunning views, welcoming people and tasty cuisine, there is really no reason why you wouldn’t choose to visit.

People are friendly and want to help, you will feel accepted and relaxed which goes in favor of enjoying a vacation to the fullest.

When compared to prices in other countries, visiting Albania is very affordable.

Tirana is a little bit more expensive than other, smaller cities, but still cheaper than many other European cities.

It is definitely worth the visit.

Warnings & Dangers in Albania

Overall Risk


Crimes are very rare in Albania, the main risk may be pickpocketing or car theft. Make sure you always lock your car and park on the safe and trusted parking lot. It is certainly less risky than in some bigger cities such as New York or Paris, but a little bit of caution is always welcome.

Transport & Taxis Risk


When you arrive in Albania, you can choose a taxi that uses a meter or arrange for a price before your drive starts. Public transportation is fairly good, but you must follow the schedules and be ready to wait since schedules are not strict.

Pickpockets Risk


Generally, the risk of pickpocketing is very low, except in large crowds - in case you find yourself in the middle of a huge gathering, make sure you keep your private possessions safe. Be particularly careful about your credit cards, keep them hidden as much as possible.

Natural Disasters Risk


Albania is under the highest risk of natural disasters in Europe. Earthquakes are very common, luckily they are mostly mild, but there are cases of strong earthquakes with casualties. Caution is advised whenever traveling and following guidelines of the local authorities is strongly advised.

Mugging Risk


Mugging is not frequent, but it can occur. This is why it is important not to show money or some expensive possessions, especially in crowded places. If you take some basic precautions, you should be completely safe.

Terrorism Risk


The risk of terrorist attacks is very low. During the last five years, there were few terrorist attacks with one person killed. Despite that, being cautious is always advised. Make sure you avoid potentially risky situations.

Scams Risk


Even though scams are not frequent, they are still present and tourists should be particularly careful when withdrawing money on the ATM. These are the situations when you may notice someone looking over your shoulder to get your PIN. Make sure you have your card in a safe place at all times.

Women Travelers Risk


Albania is safe for female travelers. There is a low risk of being harassed in the street, most people are warm and welcoming particularly in Tirana and larger tourist places. However, avoid going to the remote areas alone during nighttime.

How Safe Is Albania for Tourists?

Albania is a true gem still undiscovered by many.

Its moderate climate, beautiful scenery, tasty food, and welcoming people will definitely make your vacation enjoyable and pleasant.

One thing you must be careful about is the way people drive in Albania.

Always make sure there is no one on the way when crossing the street since the drivers are fierce.

There is no tolerance for drinking and driving, so if you wish to consume alcohol, take a taxi.

When buying food or souvenirs, count the money twice, since this is the time when you may be scammed and given less money than you should.

Keep your money, credit cards, and valuable possessions with you at all times.

Make sure you organize your time well, so you can see as much as possible of this beautiful country and you will be recommending it to your friends as soon as you come back.

Have some bottled water with you or have some filtered.

When in doubt if the water is safe for drinking, consult the locals.

The general impression is that Albania is a very safe country to visit, just make sure you follow the basic safety guidelines and you will be fine.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Albania?

Tourists don’t need a visa to go to Albania but make sure you follow all the guidelines and keep your documentation with you at all times.

All you need is a valid passport, tickets and enough money to support yourself during your stay.

Which Currency Is Used in Albania?

The official currency in Albania is the Albanian Lek.

The symbol of this currency is Lek.

One dolar equals to 111,45 Albanian Lek.

You can also pay in Euros, but it is advisable to use Albanian Lek in order to get the most value out of your money.

How's the Weather like in Albania?

The climate in Albania is Mediterranean.

The summers are mild and dry, while winters are wet with lots of rain.

The average temperature during winter is 7°C, while the temperature during summer goes around 24°C making it really pleasant and enjoyable.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Albania?

The biggest and most important airport is Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza commonly referred to as Rinas International Airport.

During last year 2,947,172 passengers used this airport to get to the wanted destination.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

Taking travel insurance is highly recommended.

Make sure you read the fine print and determine what is included, so you can be prepared at all times.

Keep all the documentation safe and ready in case you urgently need to show it.

What Are Some Things to Do in Albania?

Albania has something for everyone’s taste.

If you like to go hiking, make sure to visit Albanian Alps for some breathtaking view.

People who enjoy spending time in urban areas may find a rotating bar in Tirana amazing.

When you want to relax completely, visit one of the many beautiful beaches.

Is the Water in Albania Safe to Drink?

Tap water in Albania is safe for drinking, but it contains a high level of chlorine which may affect the taste and cause some stomach issues.

Locals usually buy bottled water and you should do too so you can avoid any health issues.

Is Uber Safe in Albania?

Uber is not available in Albania, but with so many local taxies available, you won’t have a problem to find one for yourself.

Just make sure to ask about the way of determining the price of the drive before you start your journey.

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