Is Niagara Falls Safe for Travel in 2024?

Niagara Falls, Canada
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Niagara Falls is a city in Ontario, Canada. It is located on the Niagara River’s west bank in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario. The city was founded on June 12, 1903, and is located across the river from Niagara Falls in New York. The Niagara River flows at this point over Niagara Falls, creating a natural spectacle that attracts millions of tourists every year.

Warnings & Dangers in Niagara Falls

Overall Risk


Niagara Falls is one of the safest cities in the world. Keep your common sense when traveling here and follow some guidelines when visiting attractions.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transportation is well developed and safe in Niagara Falls. You can use it at any time of the day. Taxis are also reliable and safe; they use only licensed taxi services.

Pickpockets Risk


Petty pickpocketing happens here as the city attracts many tourists every year and tourists attract petty crooks. Be careful in tourist spots and watch your pockets.

Natural Disasters Risk


Flooding is possible in Niagara Falls, but the risk is not high. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and take appropriate measures to avoid this risk.

Mugging Risk


Armed attacks and kidnappings in Niagara Falls are rarer than the rule. Use common sense to avoid this risk.

Terrorism Risk


The risk of terrorist attacks is low, but tourists should follow the guide’s advice and be vigilant.

Scams Risk


There are practically no fraudsters in the city; there are no mass cases of fraud known here.

Women Travelers Risk


Niagara Falls is safe for women traveling alone. Just behave here as you would behave in your city and do not lose your vigor.

How Safe Is Niagara Falls for Tourists?

Niagara Falls is a very safe city to travel to.

It has a meager crime rate and a good level of security even at night.

According to a travel publication, Niagara Falls has been named one of the 10 safest cities globally that are also vacation destinations.

The only possible criminal actions are petty theft and pickpocketing.

Therefore, you must use common sense when traveling around this city.

Usually, they won’t be interested in your things here, although petty theft for entertainment can be.

But more often than not, you can even leave your belongings unattended, and they will remain intact when you return.

Use common sense; don’t get drunk in bars during the winter.

If you are traveling in your own car, study the weather conditions.

In winter, the city can experience difficult traffic as well as harsh weather conditions.

Check the weather in Niagara Falls before your trip here.

The most common risks here are drowning or falling from a height due to slippery paths for those who visit the falls.

There is even a separate set of rules for visitors to the waterfall: hold onto the handrails, wear special shoes that will not allow slipping.

It would help if you also were extra careful when posing for a photo.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Niagara Falls?

The United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia are some of the countries whose citizens do not need a visa to enter Canada if their stay is less than 180 days. Others should have a visa. A valid passport is a must.

Which Currency Is Used in Niagara Falls?

The Canadian dollar is the currency of Canada. It is abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or sometimes CA$, Can$, or C$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies.

How's the Weather like in Niagara Falls?

In Niagara Falls, the summers are warm; the winters are freezing, dry, and windy; and it is partly cloudy year-round. The best time of year to visit Niagara Falls for warm-weather activities is from mid-June to early September.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls International Airport, which is located 6.4 km away from Niagara Falls, belongs to the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and shares its runways with the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

A travel insurance policy is a must when visiting a foreign country or city. Make sure you got it before starting your journey; the customs officer may ask for it.

What Are Some Things to Do in Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is a city in the Canadian province of Ontario, located next to the famous Niagara Falls. On the other side of the Niagara River is the American city of Niagara Falls, which can be reached via the Rainbow Bridge. From the river’s western bank, you can see the Golden Horseshoe – the widest part of the famous waterfalls. To get a closer look, travelers take the elevator to the lower platform, located just behind the cascade. You can look at it from a height from the observation deck of the Skylon Tower, which is 160 m high

Is the Water in Niagara Falls Safe to Drink?

The tap water is potable here.

Is Uber Safe in Niagara Falls?

There is an Uber taxi in Niagara Falls. The cost of the trip will depend on the time of day and distance. You can call a taxi from the application on your smartphone.

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