Is Turin Safe for Travel in 2024?

Turin, Italy
Safety Score

Turin is a city and an important business and cultural center in northern Italy. It is the capital city of Piedmont and the Metropolitan City of Turin and was the first Italian capital from 1861 to 1865. The town is mainly on the western bank of the Po River, below its Susa Valley, and is surrounded by the western Alpine arch and Superga Hill. 

Warnings & Dangers in Turin

Overall Risk


In this city, you need to take special precautions, watch out for your belongings and surroundings, and do not walk alone late at night.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transport is well-developed and safe. Taxis are convenient for getting around, but sometimes drivers can rip off tourists at exorbitant prices. Make sure the cab has a taximeter.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing occurs in Turin at every turn, so wear an anti-theft backpack, look after your belongings, and don't leave your phones and wallets unattended. In crowded places, keep an eye on your surroundings.

Natural Disasters Risk


The city is not subject to any serious risks of natural disasters.

Mugging Risk


The risk of severe robbery and armed attacks is shallow in Turin. There is little danger of these attacks in the suburbs. However, the likelihood that you will be attacked is minimal.

Terrorism Risk


The risk of terrorism is low in Turin. The global risk of terrorist attacks in public areas exists worldwide, so tourists should be vigilant.

Scams Risk


The most common scams in Turin are related to street beggars. Be suspicious of anyone who asks or offers you help.

Women Travelers Risk


Women traveling alone can feel relatively safe in Turin. The main thing is to adhere to the usual precautions and monitor your surroundings.

How Safe Is Turin for Tourists?

Turin is a relatively safe city to travel to.

The crime index here is at an average level.

The main problems are related to corruption and drug trafficking.

Overall, Turin can be considered a safe city.

The Porta Nuova (train station) area can be quite dangerous in its eastern part, not only at night.

Pickpocketing is quite common here.

This is especially true in San Salvario, which is located between the train station and Valentino Park.

Be very careful, especially with luggage and backpacks.

Do not leave them unattended and always keep an eye on them.

Also, the areas near Porta Palazzo can be dangerous, especially on small streets.

Turin is home to two football clubs, Juventus and Torino.

The rivalry between these teams is very intense, so care must be taken when wearing their colors when the other team is playing.

In general, it is best to avoid football fans and especially after the matches.

Keep your common sense and keep track of your belongings as elsewhere.

Do not take a lot of cash and expensive things with you for a walk.

Leave your valuables and documents in the hotel safe.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Turin?

A visa is not required for visits of up to 90 days in 180 days for nationals of those countries for which the European Community has abolished the visa requirement. A valid passport is a must.

Which Currency Is Used in Turin?

The euro is the official currency in Italy. The euro is divided into 100 cents.

How's the Weather like in Turin?

In Turin, the summers are warm and humid, the winters are icy, and it is partly cloudy year-round. The best time of year to visit Turin for hot-weather activities is from late June to mid-August.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Turin?

Turin Airport is an international airport located at Caselle Torinese, 16 km north-northwest of the city of Turin, in the Metropolitan City of Turin, Piedmont region, northern Italy. It is also named Sandro Pertini Airport after former Italian President Sandro Pertini.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

A travel insurance policy is a must when visiting a foreign country or city. Make sure you got it before starting your journey; the customs officer may ask for it.

What Are Some Things to Do in Turin?

Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region in northern Italy. The city is known for its rich architecture and exquisite cuisine. The Alps rise to the northwest of Turin. Baroque buildings and cozy old cafes adorn boulevards and squares such as Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo. Another attraction of the city is the Mole Antonelliana tower, with a spire piercing the sky. This is a 19th-century building that now houses the interactive National Film Museum.

Is the Water in Turin Safe to Drink?

Tap water is safe to drink.

Is Uber Safe in Turin?

There is an Uber taxi in the city; you can call a cab from your smartphone application. The fare will depend on the time of day and the distance traveled.

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