Is Ljubljana Safe for Travel in 2024?

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It has been the cultural, educational, economic, political, and administrative center. During antiquity, a Roman city called Emona stood in the area. Ljubljana itself was first mentioned in the first half of the 12th century. Situated at the middle

Warnings & Dangers in Ljubljana

Overall Risk


Ljubljana is considered one of the safest cities in the region. The crime rate is low here. You should beware of the outskirts of the city and watch your belongings, especially during the holidays.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transport is well developed and safe. Keep an eye on your wallets on buses to avoid pickpocketing. Use only licensed taxi services.

Pickpockets Risk


Like any major city in Ljubljana, pickpockets do happen. Especially on public transport during rush hour. Keep track of your belongings, and do not leave bags and wallets unattended on the tables in the cafe.

Natural Disasters Risk


The city is not subject to any serious risks of natural disasters.

Mugging Risk


The risk of serious robbery and armed attacks is shallow in Ljubljana. There is little danger of these attacks in the suburbs. However, the likelihood that you will be attacked is minimal.

Terrorism Risk


The risk of terrorism is low in this city. Of course, the risk of attacks still exists due to the international position of the city. The global risk of terrorist attacks in public areas exists worldwide, so tourists should be vigilant.

Scams Risk


Sometimes there exists a scam that involves fundraising or signing petitions. Under the guise of good intentions, scammers are actually deceiving tourists and collecting donations in their pockets.

Women Travelers Risk


Women traveling alone can feel quite safe in Ljubljana. The main thing is to adhere to the usual precautions and monitor your surroundings.

How Safe Is Ljubljana for Tourists?

Ljubljana is a very safe city to travel to.

The crime index here is at a low level.

The main problems are related to corruption and petty theft.

Ljubljana is a quiet and very safe city.

Tourists are safe here at any time of the day or night.

And you are unlikely to run into any trouble here.

Even districts far from the city center are relatively safe unless fraud is involved.

These are the areas of Fuzhine, Rakova Elsha, Stepansko-Naselje and parts of Shishka, Most and Shentvid.

Keep track of your belongings and mobile phones – petty thefts are rare, but why tempt criminals.

If you are traveling in your car, you may not even have to lock it – it is so safe here.

Be careful with street vendors – as elsewhere they may try to sell you a fake or cheat you with the price of a product.

Just use common sense and keep an eye on your belongings and your surroundings.

Tivoli Park is generally very safe and very popular for picnics or day walks.

Even at night, it is quite safe here and there is good lighting.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Ljubljana?

All other foreigners require a visa for stays in Germany. A visa is not required for visits of up to 90 days in an 180‑day period for nationals of those countries for which the European Community has abolished the visa requirement.

Which Currency Is Used in Ljubljana?

The euro is the official currency in Germany. The euro, which is divided into 100 cents.

How's the Weather like in Ljubljana?

In Ljubljana, the summers are warm, the winters are frigid, and it is partly cloudy year-round. The best time to visit Ljubljana is from April to May or from September to October.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is the international airport serving Ljubljana and the largest airport in Slovenia. It is located near Brnik, 24 km (15 mi) northwest of Ljubljana and 9.5 km east of Kranj, at the foothills of Kamnik–Savinja Alps.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

A travel insurance policy is a must when visiting a foreign country or city. Make sure you got it before starting your journey; the customs officer may ask for it.

What Are Some Things to Do in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It is known for its student atmosphere and green spaces, including the expansive Tivoli Park. The meandering river Ljubljanica, along which there are open-air cafes, separates the Old Town from the commercial center of Ljubljana. There are many museums in the city, including the National Museum of Slovenia, which houses historical exhibitions. The Museum of Modern Art houses paintings and sculptures by Slovenian artists of the 20th century.

Is the Water in Ljubljana Safe to Drink?

Tap water is safe to drink here.

Is Uber Safe in Ljubljana?

There is no Uber taxi in Beijing. You can use any other local taxi services.

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