Is Ankara Safe for Travel in 2024?

Ankara, Turkey
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Ankara is the capital of the Republic of Turkey. The population of the city was for now 5 million 270 thousand 575 people. It is the second-most populous city in the country after Istanbul.

Warnings & Dangers in Ankara

Overall Risk


You need to take special precautions in this city, watch out for your belongings and surroundings, and do not walk alone late at night.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transport is well-developed and safe. Taxis are convenient for getting around, but sometimes drivers can rip off tourists at exorbitant prices. Make sure the taxi has a taximeter.

Pickpockets Risk


Like any major city in Ankara, pickpockets do happen. Especially on public transport during rush hour. Keep track of your belongings, and do not leave bags and wallets unattended on the tables in the cafe.

Natural Disasters Risk


The city is not subject to any serious risks of natural disasters.

Mugging Risk


The risk of serious robbery and armed attacks is shallow in Ankara. There is little danger of these attacks in the suburbs. However, the likelihood that you will be attacked is minimal.

Terrorism Risk


In the past, the country has become a target for terrorist attacks, so this risk cannot be completely ruled out. Study the political environment and news before your visit here.

Scams Risk


Fraud is commonly associated with street vendors offering counterfeit goods to tourists. Don't buy them even if the price is very attractive. Also, only withdraw money from ATMs at banks with cameras to avoid skimming your card.

Women Travelers Risk


Women traveling alone in Ankara should avoid late-night walks and be very discreet on the city streets. Heightened precautions won't hurt.

How Safe Is Ankara for Tourists?

Ankara is quite a safe place to travel.

The crime index here is at a low level, and the main problems are related to corruption, bribery, and vandalism.

Most people, including solo travelers, very rarely have problems walking the streets alone at night.

Street crime is infrequent, even late at night.

In this case, minor incidents in the form of theft and deception can occur.

Therefore, always keep an eye on your belongings, especially in bazaars and in crowded squares.

It is important to remember that road traffic is very chaotic and may seem dangerous to unaccustomed people.

Remember that you need to be very careful on the road because even at the green light of a traffic light, cars can continue to go.

Another danger to pedestrians is sidewalks, because they are often in very poor condition.

Due to poor or irregular repair of sidewalks, many of them have loose cobblestones and pits in the asphalt.

The risk of tripping and injury should not be underestimated.

The police speak good English and can always help if needed.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Ankara?

The visa policy of Turkey deals with the requirements which a foreign national wishing to enter Turkey must meet to be permitted to travel to, enter, and remain in the country. Visitors to Turkey must obtain a visa from one of the Turkish diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the 78 visa-exempt countries and territories or one of the 42 countries and territories whose citizens can apply for an e-Visa online.

Which Currency Is Used in Ankara?

The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey and Northern Cyprus. One Turkish lira is subdivided into one hundred kuruş.

How's the Weather like in Ankara?

In Ankara, the summers are warm and clear; the winters are frigid and partly cloudy and dry year-round. June-September is the best time to visit Ankara.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Ankara?

Ankara Esenboga Airport is an international airport located 28 kilometers northeast of Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

A travel insurance policy is a must when visiting a foreign country or city. Make sure you got it before starting your journey; the customs officer may ask for it.

What Are Some Things to Do in Ankara?

Ankara is the multinational capital of Turkey located in the Central Anatolia region. The city is famous for its Opera House, which hosts opera and ballet companies, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, and several national theaters. The grandiose mausoleum of Anitkabir with the grave of Kemal Ataturk, the first president of modern Turkey, who in 1923 moved the capital to Ankara, rises above the city.

Is the Water in Ankara Safe to Drink?

Tap water is safe to drink.

Is Uber Safe in Ankara?

There is an Uber taxi in the city; you can call a taxi from your smartphone application. The fare will depend on the time of day and the distance traveled.

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