Is Bahrain Safe for Travel in 2024?

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Bahrain : Safety by City

Bahrain, or Kingdom of Bahrain which is its official name, is located in the Persian Gulf.

With a rich history and a bright future, it is an attractive country for tourists.

Manama Souq is a place for you if you want to shop and feel the local atmosphere.

Divers will find Ras Rayyah Port exciting.

Bahrain National Museum will leave you astonished since you will be able to see the Halls of Graves, traditions, and customs of Bahrain, as well as the archeological finds of the ancient Dilmun.

When you get tired, make sure you try many tasty dishes of the local cuisine.

Warnings & Dangers in Bahrain

Overall Risk


Bahrain is a pretty safe place for tourists, just make sure you follow the general rules concerning clothes and particularly pay attention during the month of Ramadan. The music is not played during this holy month for Muslims. Keep your appearance modest and take care of your personal belongings.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Public transport is moderately safe in Bahrain, the rules are strictly enforced and they have zero tolerance towards drinking and driving, as well as making telephone calls during driving. Taxies are another mode of transportation. However, it is important to stress that drivers are a little bit more aggressive than usual.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing occurs frequently in Bahrain, particularly in areas where a lot of people circulate such as train stations or public gatherings. Tourists are advised to be careful and to pay close attention to the personal belongings in order to avoid problems.

Natural Disasters Risk


Bahrain is susceptible to cyclones, floods, earthquakes, oil slicks and fires. Besides, caution is advised because of the extremely high temperatures that can arise from time to time. It is important to stay informed and follow all the security protocols.

Mugging Risk


Mugging is not likely to happen in Bahrain. The crime rate is very low, but some caution is still advised. Tourists should wear a money belt and avoid wearing expensive items such as a phone or a camera.

Terrorism Risk


There is a potential risk for terrorist attacks in the Gulf region, including Bahrain. Make sure to stay vigilant especially on religious gatherings, social events, in shopping centers, mosques and all the other places where numerous people gather. Stay alert at all times.

Scams Risk


Scams are not frequent in Bahrain, but some caution is still advised. Use only reputable taxis, because unlicensed taxi drivers may try to charge you more and their vehicles are not well maintained. Tourists are often offered fake gems for sale.

Women Travelers Risk


Bahrain is safe for women, but it is a conservative country and women are expected to cover the head and arms. Tourists should not wear provocative clothes since this may cause problems. When entering a mosque, put a scarf over your head.

How Safe Is Bahrain for Tourists?

Bahrain is an interesting country to visit and the crime rate is low.

However, you can’t be careless and expect that everything will be great.

Petty crimes occur and generally, tourists report that there have been thefts from hotel rooms.

If you notice that the doors look suspicious, make sure you notify the hotel’s manager.

Also, be careful when choosing taxies.

Even though most taxi drivers are honest and reliable, some will choose to say that the meter is broken and then charge you a significantly higher amount at the end of the drive.

When you get in a taxi make sure that the meter is working and if not, go out and take another taxi.

If you see demonstrations, don’t get involved because that can easily escalate.

They can be risky for many reasons.

Respecting the local rules is necessary.

Shops don’t work during Friday prayer, so make sure you don’t make any comments concerning that.

During Ramadan, people are generally quieter so make sure you don’t make much noise.

Since the weather can be very hot, wear some sunscreen to protect your skin from burns.

Dressing modestly will keep you out of trouble, don’t attract negative attention by wearing clothes that are too revealing.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Bahrain?

U.S citizens require a visa for entering Bahrain.

It can be obtained online, in-person in the embassy or upon arrival.

However, the recommendation is to take it before you go, so your travel is stress-free.

Which Currency Is Used in Bahrain?

The official currency in Bahrain is Bahraini Dinar.

The symbols of Bahraini Dinar are BD, .د.ب.

One U.S. dollar equals 0,38 Bahraini Dinars.

Cash is mostly used in Bahrain, but you can also use credit cards.

How's the Weather like in Bahrain?

The climate in Bahrain is arid.

It has only two seasons: 

  1. mild winter when the average temperature can range from 10-15°C, and 
  2. hot summer when the temperature can go up to 38°C.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Bahrain?

There are only two airports in Bahrain: Bahrain International Airport, which is larger, and Muharraq Airport.

Bahrain Internation Airport is currently being expanded so that its capacity can get increased to 14 million passengers a year.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

When traveling to Bahrain, it is recommended to take general travel insurance that covers medical treatments, loss, theft and specific type of coverage if you want to engage in extreme sports activities.

What Are Some Things to Do in Bahrain?

Bahrain offers something for everyone’s taste.

If you wish to find a little about the history of Bahrain, make sure you visit the Qalat al Bahrain, Al Fateh Mosque, Kurar House and Abdullah Al Zayed House for Bahraini Press Heritage.

Is the Water in Bahrain Safe to Drink?

The tap water is not considered safe for drinking in Bahrain.

Make sure you use bottled water or at least boil the tap water before consumption so you can avoid health issues.

Is Uber Safe in Bahrain?

Uber is available in Bahrain and its services are safe.

Simply install the app and start enjoying the rides.

The use of the app is simple and the waiting time is short.

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