Is Argentina Safe for Travel in 2024?

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Argentina : Safety by City

Argentina is one astonishing country full of interesting places to visit and see, something for everyone’s taste.

It is located in the very south of South America.

People who love hiking will enjoy going to the “roof of the Americas” – Cerro Aconcagua.

IguazĂș Falls located between Argentina and Brazil will take your breath away.

Buenos Aires is a place for you if you want to have fun, taste amazingly tasty food, search for colorful bars where you can dance all night long and enjoy art.

You can even attend some tango lessons for free and enjoy being part of this sophisticated dance experience that you will remember your whole life.

Warnings & Dangers in Argentina

Overall Risk


Argentina is an exciting country to be in and it is easy to forget about some basic guidelines that can help you protect yourself. However, if you stay alert, you may end up having the time of your life.

Transport & Taxis Risk


Transportation is pretty safe in Argentina. You can choose to travel by bus, train or taxi. There are local taxies that you can hail on the street or prearrange them to avoid overpaying for a ride.

Pickpockets Risk


Pickpocketing occurs frequently in Argentina. Tourists easily become targets, especially when showing expensive jewelry, watch, a phone or a camera. Thieves usually use distractions to take the items or even whole bags and disappear before you even notice it.

Natural Disasters Risk


Argentina is susceptible to various types of natural disasters: floods, earthquakes, droughts, volcanoes, and landslides. The government is taking measures to reduce the risk and protect the people as much as possible.

Mugging Risk


Mugging is pretty frequent in Argentina. If you own an iPhone and you use it on the street, you can easily become a target for theft, since phones are valuable on the market. Try not to show valuable things and carry only cash that you need during the day.

Terrorism Risk


There haven't been terrorist attacks in the recent history that might concern you, but some risk must be taken into consideration. Back in 2004, there were some small explosions across Buenos Aires, but the targets were banks.

Scams Risk


Scams are very common in Argentina. You must pay very close attention to the people you talk to. There were cases of extortion, overcharging for a taxi ride or people pretending that they are real estate agents, so they can take rent and deposit from people trying to find an apartment.

Women Travelers Risk


It is fairly safe for a woman to go alone to Argentina, but you must be aware that if you don't know Spanish, you may end up paying enormous amounts of money for a taxi. Other than that, you should be pretty safe.

How Safe Is Argentina for Tourists?

Argentina is considered a safe country, but that does not mean that you can completely relax and leave your valuable possessions just anywhere.

Theft and pickpocketing are pretty frequent in big cities.

Many tourists report being robbed of their phone while using it.

Public transportation is also an opportunity for thieves to get into your bag easier to steal your wallet and anything else they find.

Be cautious of scams too.

There have been various scams reported since the locals tend to use the element of surprise on the tourists who don’t expect it.

Avoid using ATMs since you may get less value for your money.

Always bring just the amount of cash you need for that day.

Arrange a taxi drive, so you can get a more affordable ride.

Some drivers may take advantage of the fact that tourists don’t know the city very well to drive a longer route or switch the bill so you have to pay more.

If you follow these basic guidelines, avoid problematic parts of town where robberies occur and make sure not to show your money or your phone on the street, there should be no problems.

You can start enjoying this beautiful country.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Argentina?

U.S. citizens and almost all the citizens of the European Union can enter Argentina without the visa if they plan to stay less than 90 days.

The only requirement is having at least one blank page in the passport for the entry stamp.

Which Currency Is Used in Argentina?

The official currency in Argentina is Argentine peso.

The symbol of this currency is $.

One U.S. dollar equals 59,77 Argentine Pesos.

U.S. dollars are accepted only in luxurious hotels, so it is advisable to bring pesos with you.

How's the Weather like in Argentina?

The weather in Argentina is very diverse.

It spans from the very hot climate on the north to the temperate type of climate in Buenos Aires.

There is a mountainous climate in the part of the country where the Andes are located.

What Do I Need to Know about Airports in Argentina?

There are 101 airports in total in Argentina.

Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini is the biggest one.

It is located 22 kilometers away from the capital of Argentina – Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for My Travels?

When you start planning your trip to Argentina, make sure you buy travel insurance that covers things such as loss, theft, trip cancelation or medical expenses.

Keep your documentation ready in case you urgently need it.

What Are Some Things to Do in Argentina?

Argentina is famous for tango – the most passionate and intimate dance you can imagine.

Don’t miss out on dancing with the experts in Buenos Aires or simply watch how these colorful dancers give their best performance.

Is the Water in Argentina Safe to Drink?

Tap water is clean and drinkable in big cities in Argentina.

However, it is advisable for tourists to drink bottled water because the high mineral content may upset your stomach.

Is Uber Safe in Argentina?

Uber is available in Argentina.

It is a perfect method of transportation for tourists to navigate to the wanted destination.

It will make your stay much easier, especially if you don’t know Spanish.

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